JM Underhead PE10N Special
By: Jigging Master SKU: 5576

PE10N 5’0 JIG 400~800g PE 6~10 MAXIMUN POWER (90° 22KG) (60° 45KG)

Underhead PE10N
Number of Guides
Line Weight
PE 6~10
Lure Weight
90° 22KG | (60° 45KG

The best partner of a JiggingMaster Underhead Reel ever. The JiggingMaster Underhead Special Rod – designed for both JM Underhead and traditional conventional reels, equipped with guides with particular diameter and precise height, perfectly match-up the guide direction of a JiggingMaster Underhead reel. Furthermore, the blank is a modern design of 20/80 mid fast action, with elastic lithe tip and tough backbone, can even easily cope the giant monster’s fight when this rod is high sticked up to vertical position. Another featuring, the soften rod tip may let you use wider jig range due to it’s special tip design. You may use a jig of 150g on a PE5N underhead special rod( which’s proper jigs are 120g~400g) for s shallower water e.g. 30M deep, this rod can make the jig wave like a lighter rod’s action, the unbeatable action can activate your jig like a real bait fish, and the tough backbone just can bend back your monster giant fish without any chance for it’s struggle.

JM Underhead Special rods, equipped with well finished aluminum alloy components, Ergonomic designed EVA handles, and the most admirable – the guide arrangement, which is suitable all types of reels, including JM underhead and overhead reels, or even traditional spinning reels.

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