Varivas Avani Casting PE SMP 300m | 400m
By: Varivas

PE: 3|4|5|6|8

Braid x 8

Code Size (lb) Strength (kg) Diameter (mm) Length (m) PE Price
596550220.2853003MVR 1950
596670310.3303004MVR 1950
596780360.3703005MVR 2100
112431120540.4703008MVR 2245
11243150220.2854003MVR 2350
11243370310.3304004MVR 2390
11243480360.3704005MVR 2510
11243590400.4054006MVR 2800

Avani series PE braided lines have been praised high among big fish anglers for GT and TUNA. This Casting PE Super Max Power X8 line has improved abrasion resistance and durability by 200% from ordinary braids, to suite the best for GT fishing. It has both upgraded tensile strength and durability in casting heavy rigs thousand times a day. Super fluorine coated surface is very smooth to reduce friction from line guides, to achieve the longest casting distance with spinning tackle. It employs the Super Max Power material, which has more than 50% additional strength than ordinary Dyneema or Spectra. The 8-strand body offers the smoothest line surface removing friction. Made in Japan.

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