Yo-Zuri Super Braid DG 300Y
By: Yo-Zuri


  • Super Strong
  • Super Durable
  • Maximum Abrasion Resistance
  • Easy Handling
  • Extremely Low Stretch
Code Size (lb) Strength (kg) Diameter (mm) Length (m) PE Price
11254430130.28274MVR 495
11254540180.32274MVR 525
11254650220.36274MVR 595
11254765270.41274MVR 650
11254880360.43274MVR 685

Yo-Zuri is proud to announce the introduction of our new Dark Green SuperBraid. Dark Green is great for water with high run off river systems to oceans all over the world, making it ideal for murky water situations. Due to it’s natural dark green color, it is a familiar color for fish to see. Great for use in saltwater to the crystal clear lakes in the North, this line is ideal for fishing clear water situations. SuperBraid ranges from 10-40 lb test for 4 strand and 50-80 lb test for 8 strand. Our specially coated braided line gives it a maximium abrasion resistance, extremely low stretch, and makes it super durable giving you the best possible fishing experience. It’s available in 150 and 300 yards, so be sure to respool your reel today!!!

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