Zanaq Fokeeto PARABOLICA Spinning Rod
By: Zenaq

Length : 8’6″


Model Section Length Number of Guides Line Weight Lure Weight Power
FC86-3 Parabolica2 (offset handle) 8'6"7PE: 3-525g-110gMedium
FC86-4 Parabolica2 (offset handle) 8'6"7PE: 4-640g-140gMedium Heavy

Parabolica range is designed specifically for Bluefin tuna fishing. Offering anglers ultimate casting distance with trouble free performance and superior handling of large and fast bluefin with its unique flexible parabolic taper. With FC86-3 Parabolica and FC86-4 Parabolica optimum casting weights are 40g and 60g respectively. Thanks to the parabolic rod taper, it absorbs pressure from fish and raises possibility of catching huge target. Also, we can recommend using lighter than standard braided lines for bluefin tuna fishing

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